The Milton Camp

Step away from the rush of life and enjoy a little lakeside relaxation
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New Camp, Long History

Picture this; you're driving north on NY State Rt 30 just passing the Northville turn off. Looking over your right shoulder you remember when Grandpappy used to drive up the back way and come thru Northville, past the Five & Dime. Parting company with the Great Sacandaga Lake, The Reservoir (who made it Great anyway), you wander up Rt 30 along side the Sacandaga River slowing as you pass the Welcome To Wells sign. Did you ever take a left at Lake Algonquin and take the Gilmantown Rd to the back side of Lake Pleasant? Now thats the back way. Much of it is still dirt.

The stretch on Rt.30 between Wells and Speculator seems to take an eternity, only sparsely dotted with familiar land marks. Eventually you part company with the river as you climb that long hill into the mountains. But when you round the curve and see Lake Pleasant you know you're almost there. Everything is familiar ground from here. You cross the bridge that marks the beginning of the Sacandaga River, hang a left at Charlie John’s Store, cruise past the Speculator Department Store, you sense you're on the home stretch now as The Inn at Speculator drifts by. The air changes, and the familiar smell surrounds you. If you're lucky you drove that stretch with VV in the convertible. As you pass the turn off for Moffitt Beach your eyes are on the lookout for the Outlet Bridge. Finally, the bridge, you're in Lake Pleasant, the hamlet that is. Past the two churches, the County Court House, and before you know it you see the long green meadow on the right (yes I know it's a golf course) and you're taking a right at the Club House, or was that a shed? Driving down the hill and you can see the lake through the windows in the camp at the bottom of the hill. Your first close look at the all familiar Sacandaga Lake. A sharp turn to the right, a quick curve to the left so as not to drive onto the fairway, and your eyes are on the left side looking for the Little Camp and the parking spots marked MILTON at 137 Golf Course Rd. But wait. It's not there. You saw what looked like the Big Camp, but the trees are gone, no place to hang the WWII canvas hammock, no rock well with a little roof hiding cans of beer in the bucket waiting to be winched up at a perfect 41 degrees, no wheel barrow stashed in the trees to bring your bags from the car. Two doors down your driver pulls into 139 Golf Course Rd. and announces in a pleased tone “here we are at the Milton Camp.

Although not as familiar from the street side, 139 Golf Course Rd is easily recognizable from the water. It's got a concrete dock and a little boat house with a ramp into the water. Grandpappy used to let us row the styrofoam boat; “just don't go past the concrete dock”.

It's a “real” camp. Built in the 40’s on piers. No heat, no AC, a rock fireplace, surrounded by trees, air filled with scents that are so familiar, and that million dollar view, just like the old days. And best of all you're all welcome to use it because it belongs to Jeanne and I. Come and get reacquainted with our beloved Sacandaga.

The house is rustic, maybe a little more rustic than Gandpappy’s but pretty close. It has 3 bedrooms that accommodate 2 in beds each, and there is a futon. I hope you will come and use the camp and get reacquainted with Sacandaga. It’s calling you.

See you at The Lake!!


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Final Leg

Lake Pleasant Golf Course will be to your right on approach. Our driveway is rustic, so passengers and pilots alike should keep a keen eye out for the “Milton Camp” sign.

Let everyone know when you will be at the camp by marking your stay on the shared calendar.



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This guide page contains information on how to access the locked portions of the property and what to do after arriving.

This is a password protected page, access is given only to trusted vacationers.

Entry Guide
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Where we go for our essentials - and the non essentials that are still vacation critical.

Provisions Guide
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The Septic Situation

Please use water sparingly as our septic system is sensitive and we maintain a strict “you break it, you buy it” policy (just kidding, kind of). For example, filling the wash tub to clean dishes rather than running the faucet would be a nice way to save water.

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The Local Scene

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The Lake

Learn more about Sacandaga Lake, Lake Pleasant and their current conditions.

Learn More
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The Boathouse

In the boathouse, you’ll find several watercraft to be enjoyed by any and everyone.

Please pull all watercraft inside the boathouse at night. ALL lakefarers should wear life jackets.

Watercraft Guide
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The Town

Had enough of the lake or just need a good place to eat out? Find out about Lake Pleasant and Speculator here.

Town Guide

Taking Off

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Trash and Laundry

Please leave dirty towels in a bundle in the bathroom. Trash and recyclables can be taken to the county's state-of-the-art transfer station on Route 8 about 6 miles from the Village center.

For more instructions, see the guide page at the button below.

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Locking Up

Please leave the camp in a state as good or better than you found it. Full lock up instructions can be found on the guide page.

Lock Up Guide
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Let Bill and Jeanne know how much you fun you had at their camp with our digital guestbook.